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Vendasta Products

In order to understand the efficacy of listing management tools, Vendasta analyzed over 17,000 subscribers and 200,000 non-subscribers of its Listing Distribution solution. The results provide insights as to why its important for local businesses to continuously update their online data.



Vendasta provides a Listing Distribution tool that searches for all of the places that businesses’ listings appear online. Listing Distribution is designed to update business information and make it consistent across the internet’s major data providers, which supply listing information to local search platforms.

Business Listing Definitions:

Major Search Sites include the big 3 search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) major rating and review sites traditional IYP sites, directories and social platforms.


Bad data can be likened to the flu. Just as people receive a shot each year to protect themselves from illness, businesses are wise to conduct routine checkups on their listing data. Many of them, however, are not doing it effectively.

If the major data providers aren’t directly fed listing updates from an authoritative souse, they default to traditional sources of information, such as public records like tax files and other government indexes. These sources can be out of date with varying refresh time frames.

Although it is necessary to leverage the major data providers, it is cumbersome and challenging to mange all of them, as they each have their unique sets of rules, and processes.

This fragmented complexity is why Vendasta developed Listing Distribution - a tool that continually resubmits accurate listings to all four data providers to ensure they update their data correctly. It also provides what similar tools don’t: complete transparency with tracking and reporting features so users can see what’s happening with their information, good and bad.


Online listing success is an ongoing cycle of proper management and proactive maintenance. While data providers offer a variety of listing services, they are not fully armed to fight against the multitude of factors that manipulate their data. They require help managing local information, and Vendasta provides that solution by working with them directly to keep listings in check.

Figure 1: Lisiting Distribution Activation

Figure 1 shows the impact of Listing Distribution after the tool has been activated.

Businesses that subscribed to the Listing Distribution showed a 172% increase in their overall listing accuracy, moving from an average accuracy score of 22% to an average of 60%. The ascension begins immediately and continues as the year goes on.

Figure 2: Lisiting Distribution Subscribers vs Non-Subscribers

Figure 2 shows a twelve month period that reveals the distinction between businesses that use Listing Distribution and the ones that do not. Figure 2a demonstrates that subscribers experience an improvement in their average listing accuracy to 60%, while Figure 2b shows that, on average non-subscribers typically do not see their accuracy scores rise above 10%